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HITS lends a hand to successful Patient Experience Expo 2018

Michigan Medicine recently hosted a week-long celebration of patients and their families. A number of events throughout the week brought together faculty, staff, students, patients, and their families to honor, discuss, and engage in all aspects of the patient experience. The Patient Experience Expo, held on April 24, was especially festive, and HITS was there to join in… Read More »

ITS announces approval for project to install WiFi on the Diag

Information and Technology Services has received funding approval to install WiFi in portions of the Diag. In September 2017, Central Student Government President Anushka Sarkar and CSG Vice President Nadine Jawad announced an initiative outlined as part of their platform to install WiFi on the Central Campus Diag. At the request of students and with the support of… Read More »

At what cost WiFi?

By | April 24, 2018

A recent “Inside Higher Ed” article examines how colleges, including U-M, are committing considerable resources to keep up with students’ expectation that wireless internet should be free, fast, and everywhere. The U-M Ann Arbor campus embarked on an ambitious Wi-Fi upgrade five years ago that required meticulous planning. In some areas the wired network had to be extended, and new wireless… Read More »

Changing the channel of MWireless: Improving your WiFi experience

A few months ago, we told you about a change to MWireless that was being tested in all ITS buildings (Arbor Lakes, Administrative Services Building, and Boyer.) The change involved having building occupants connect to MWireless using the 5 GHz frequency exclusively, which is now considered mainstream. Older devices that only support 2.4 GHz WiFi—mainly those manufactured before… Read More »

WiFi update

This month is all about parking…U-M faculty, students and staff will now begin to see improved WiFi coverage in several parking structures around campus. Students at Northwood apartments are seeing improvements in their WiFi, and work also continues on buildings that play an important role in supporting operations for the U-M campus. Check out our current progress. Recently… Read More »

WiFi update

The project hit an important milestone last month, as we went over the 12 million square foot mark of building space upgraded. Work continues on buildings that play an important role in supporting operations for the U-M campus. Check out our current progress. Recently completed: Wolverine Tower, 305 W. Liberty, Weidenbach Hall Currently under construction: Varsity Drive Building,… Read More »

Secure your home wireless network

If you use a wireless internet connection at home, secure your network so that only those you allow can access it. There are two basic steps to securing your home wireless connections: Update all your Internet-enabled devices with the latest operating systems, web browsers, and security software. This includes any mobile devices that access your wireless network, such as… Read More »

UM-Flint wireless and network upgrades

By | February 20, 2018

This past year, UM-Flint ITS began a push to overhaul and upgrade the wireless network on the Flint campus. The wireless infrastructure upgrade entered phase one as the equipment purchased in 2010 has finally reached the end of life and end of support stage. Phase one of the project included all university-owned buildings south of the Flint River,… Read More »

WiFi update

It may be cold outside, but WiFi upgrade work still continues on buildings across the Ann Arbor campus.  Many of the buildings currently under construction or design play an important role in supporting operations for the U-M campus. Check out our current progress. Recently completed: Arbor Lakes Bldgs. 1, 2, 3, Central Power Plant, Marie Dorothy Hartwig Administrative… Read More »

WiFi update

Wow, have we come a long way! Eighty percent of in-scope buildings are completed. The team has upgraded 156 buildings to date as part of this effort.  Work in academic buildings is mostly complete, and upgrades in the remaining residence halls and administrative buildings are moving quickly. Check out our current progress. Recently completed: Facilities Services Building A.… Read More »

WiFi update

Moving through its final year, the Campus WiFi Upgrade project continues to complete WiFi upgrades across campus at a steady pace. Check out our current progress. Recently completed: Business Admin Executive Dorm, Argus Building, Robben W. & Aldyth Fleming Administrative Bldg., Pellston Biological Currently under construction: Facilities Services Building A. B. &C, Glenn E. Schembechler Hall, Arbor Lakes… Read More »

WiFi update

Students are back on campus and WiFi usage continues to grow!  The Campus WiFi Upgrade project continues to complete WiFi upgrades across campus at a fast pace.  Check out our current progress. Recently completed: Institute for Social Research (ISR), Wallace House, Madelon Pound House, Michigan Square (CEW), Ross Academic Center, Detroit Observatory, Boyer Building, Physical Properties Building, LSA… Read More »

First-day WiFi traffic triples

By | September 20, 2017

Last year, we reported the amazing, first-day usage statistics that made it clear just how much the U-M community relies on WiFi. That was nothing. On the first day of fall term, September 5, 2017, wireless network traffic increased by three times compared to fall 2016. ​Total unique devices observed: 100,087 Number of authenticated users on MWireless: 57,789 Number of… Read More »

UM-Dearborn IT summer initiatives

By | September 1, 2017

It has been a busy summer for ITS in the D… UM-Dearborn that is. With changes from WiFi to enterprise systems and adding additional services, we have been making improvements to connect our campus members wherever they are and make sure our systems are adding value by making a positive impact on the IT environment here in Dearborn.… Read More »

WiFi update

It has been a busy summer for the Campus WiFi Upgrade project team, as several buildings underwent wireless upgrades just in time for the fall term. Welcome back students and faculty! Recently completed: Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Phoenix Memorial Project Laboratory, North Quad Residence Hall, Ross School of Business, Cooley Building, Dental Building and W. K Kellogg… Read More »

MStaff 200 brings WiFi to the Diag

Long before staff gathered in the Diag to celebrate 200 years of University of Michigan history, members of the ITS Infrastructure network team, supported by WiFi vendor WZC, were working hard to install temporary WiFi in the Diag for this historic event.  The team deployed 15 access points (APs): eight wired connections and seven connected via Wi-Fi mesh.… Read More »