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Michigan IT events: Tours and activities

Michigan IT invites you to get out and learn about technology around campus. Take a break and make time to join Michigan IT to network, socialize, and discover firsthand the technology across the university that drives innovation and helps make U-M leaders and best! There are some fun and interesting events coming up in February and March: the… Read More »

Tech Tip: Weather in Calendar

This month’s tip is a service that enables users to integrate weather forecasts directly into their calendar. Weather in Calendar uses emojis to display a 16-day forecast and works for all calendars supporting online .ics and emojis, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Users can enter their city, adjust according to… Read More »

Call for proposals – Enriching Scholarship 2024

By | January 31, 2024

The U-M Teaching and Technology Collaborative is excited to announce the 26th annual Enriching Scholarship (ES) conference to be held virtually, May 6-9, 2024 (add to Google calendar). The conference is free for all members of the U-M community. The 2024 call for proposals is now open! This year’s theme is “Surveying the Now.” The theme aims to highlight the ways technology has changed… Read More »

Tech Tip: Bluesky

This month I’m highlighting a decentralized social app called Bluesky. It was developed by former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. It aims to create a new form of social media that is open, transparent, and community-driven. The platform uses an open-source framework and has a Twitter-like user interface with algorithmic choice, federated design, and community-specific moderation. Its goal is… Read More »

This month in EDUCAUSE: Institutional resilience, challenges to tackle in 2024, GenAI

Dear Colleagues,I have been your EDUCAUSE ambassador for U-M and advocate for more four years-time flies! It has been a pleasure to provide articles of interest and upcoming trends in each newsletter. I am taking a hiatus for a year—it’s been a joy to serve you in this role! Thank you! Irina Key articles of interest: EDUCAUSE Top… Read More »

Tech Tip: Arc Max

This month, I’m highlighting some new, innovative AI features that were recently added to the already impressive Arc web browser: Arc Max. Rather than simply adding a sidebar for ChatGPT like many other browsers are doing, they identified five specific integrations that can make browsing the web easier and more enjoyable: Each of them may be individually enabled… Read More »

Tech Tip: Upscayl

This month’s tip is an AI tool for upscaling low-quality images with surprisingly good accuracy and detail: Upscayl. It’s an excellent app for those looking to enhance the quality of their photos, especially those taken with older digital cameras. Multiple settings are available, like selecting the type of image, how much to upscale, file type, and advanced users… Read More »

Make the most out of your career in technology with the Michigan IT Mentor Program

By | September 12, 2023

The Michigan IT Mentor Program has fostered a vibrant community of technology enthusiasts at the University of Michigan for the past five years. With a steadfast commitment to connecting individuals passionate about technology, the program continues to expand its reach to various groups across the university. Offering year-round, diverse mentorship options, including short-term, long-term, and group mentoring, this… Read More »

This month in EDUCAUSE: Privacy, teaching post-pandemic, accessibility, and VR

My name is Irina (Irene) Knokh. I’m the EDUCAUSE ambassador for U-M and your advocate for EDUCAUSE. I provide articles of interest and upcoming trends in each newsletter. Key articles of interest: “Chief Privacy Officer: Positioning Privacy in Higher Ed” by Susan Bouregy, Jeff Gassaway, Blanche Stovall, and our own Svetla Sytch. Privacy has evolved from a primarily… Read More »

Tech Tip: Diffchecker

This month, I’m sharing a website that offers a simple and easy-to-use tool for comparing the differences between two pieces of text: Diffchecker. It can be used to compare two versions of a document, check for plagiarism or spelling mistakes, and much more. Diffchecker works by highlighting the differences between two pieces of text and allowing users to… Read More »

You’re invited! Join a Quantum Networking discussion with Joaquin Chung

You are invited to join Information and Technology Services (ITS) in welcoming Joaquin Chung to campus for a presentation on Quantum Networking, cutting-edge research, and one of the future technologies in campus network computing. His talk is entitled, “Design and Implementation of the Illinois Express Quantum Metropolitan Area Network.” The event will be held at 2 p.m. on… Read More »

This month in EDUCAUSE: Teaching, engagement, and student support practices

My name is Irina “Irene” Knokh. I’m the EDUCAUSE ambassador for U-M and your advocate for EDUCAUSE. I will provide articles of interest and upcoming trends in each newsletter.  This edition covers highlights in teaching, engagement, and student support practices. In the series of articles “Changed by Our Journey,” the instructors share what they have learned and tried… Read More »