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Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services Electronic Case Management

The leadership team from Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services (SAAS) approached Student Life Technology Solutions (SLTS) with the challenge of modernizing a primarily paper-based set of workflows and associated record-keeping.
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New Features, Extended Free Usage for U-M AI Services in 2024

The popular AI image generator DALL-E 3 and the newly updated GPT 4.0 Turbo available via UM-GPT at no cost.
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Using GenAI to design floor plans and buildings

There is a lot to consider when designing places where humans live and work. How will the space be used? Who’s using the space? What are budget considerations? It is painstaking and time consuming to develop all of those details into something usable.  What if Generative AI (GenAI) could help? We already know that it can be used…

Message from the VPIT-CIO

Greetings everyone, We have certainly had an exciting start to 2024. On New Year’s Day, I was fortunate enough to be in Pasadena, cheering our Wolverines on to victory at the Rose Bowl. I considered it one of the best games I had ever watched in my lifetime. At least until I found myself in Houston watching our…

Leadership Profile: Don Winsor

Don Winsor leads the EECS IT support team, and especially enjoys it when he and his team can help a researcher get past a difficult technical challenge. He leads his team with humility, and uses his listening skills to get to the heart of the matter.

Profiles in IT: Andy Holman—Innovative videographer

Andy Holman is an experienced videographer whose work is geared towards supporting professors and their classes through media production. Andy and her team take innovative ideas and bring them to life! Outside of U-M, you can find her exploring Detroit and trying new food.

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Michigan IT events: Tours and activities

Michigan IT invites you to get out and learn about technology around campus. Take a break and make time to join Michigan IT to network, socialize, and discover firsthand the technology across the university that drives innovation and helps make U-M leaders and best! There are some fun and interesting events coming up in February and March: the…

Safe Computing

Privacy@Michigan speakers discuss the economics of privacy

The annual celebration of Data Privacy Day at the University of Michigan kicked off with a Privacy@Michigan keynote event featuring Prof. Alessandro Acquisti, Trustees Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, and the co-director of the CMU Center for Behavioral Decision Research (CBDR). 

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