Whoa, we’re halfway there! Wireless upgrades continue on the Ann Arbor campus.

By | January 25, 2022

The WiFi Upgrade project has upgraded more than 50% of the hardware on the Ann Arbor campus to WiFi 6E! Completed buildings include the Campus Safety Services building, Hatcher Graduate Library, the Union and Palmer Commons, Ross School of Business, and Wolverine Tower. More buildings on Central Campus are on the schedule for January and February.

New dates are added regularly as the team works with each building’s leadership. Visit the Building Status page to see when the locations you visit and work in are scheduled to be upgraded.


When teams are onsite to do the upgrade, a temporary WiFi outage lasting 10-30 minutes or less will occur in the area immediately surrounding where the work is being performed. As hardware is swapped out, upgraded wireless connectivity will return. Wired connections will not be interrupted.

Diagram of the WiFi upgrade experience illustrating two zones: one that is actively being worked on, and one that is not. In the work zone, a person is unable to connect to the internet. The image here states: Rolling WiFi outages during hardware replacement (10-30 minutes). WiFi outages will occur in the area surrounding the work zone. Plan to temporarily work offline, offsite, or move to a different area in the building. In the non-work zone, a person is able to connect to the internet. The image here states: WiFi available outside of the work zone. WiFi remains available outside of the work zone. Your device will automatically reconnect once replacement is complete or if you leave the work zone.
Rachael Wojciechowski / ITS Communications

The upgrade project replaces existing AP hardware in more than 225 locations, including academic, administrative, and residence hall buildings, and outdoor areas. Additionally, UM-Dearborn is funding upgrades to indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi across its campus. Each building is typically upgraded in one day or less.

Learn more about the WiFi Upgrade Project.