U-M startup SkyGig aims to take 5G to the next level

By | September 17, 2020
(Side by side portraits of Dr. Armin Jam and Dr. Avish Kosari, both smiling.)
Armin Jam and Avish Kosari. (Electrical and Computer Engineering.)

Two U-M researchers are steadily building their young company, SkyGig, to bring the next generation of high-speed wireless connectivity to the 5G ecosystem, satellite communications (Satcom), and beyond. Since founding the company in 2019, co-founders Armin Jam and Avish Kosari have attracted $1M in new funding and are now expanding their team to accelerate development and commercialization of their disruptive technology.

“Millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology is at the frontier of wireless communications, and as such, still provides significant challenges,” said Jam. “At SkyGig, we are targeting the higher portion of the radio frequency spectrum, referred to as the millimeter-wave band, with key applications in 5G, SatCom, and automotive radar, among other emerging markets.” Jam and Kosari aim to lead in this area by bringing innovative holistic approaches to mmWave transceiver technologies through their combined expertise in electromagnetics and antennas, and RF integrated circuits, respectively.