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Transfer files before leaving U-M or changing jobs

If you are changing jobs, retiring, or leaving U-M, move any files needed for university business somewhere that your colleagues can access and set appropriate permissions. This includes files on your computer; files in Google at U-M, Dropbox at U-M, and other online storage; and MCommunity groups. Use shared storage space when you can It is best to… Read More »

Six Words About Privacy in EDUCAUSE Review

Svetla Sytch, assistant director of privacy and IT policy, described some of ITS Information Assurance’s privacy engagement efforts in a January 28 EDUCAUSE Review blog post: Data Privacy Day 2021 Outreach: Six Words about Privacy. In the blog post, Sytch explained that Six Words About Privacy at U-M came about through conversations with the chief information security officers… Read More »

New IoT devices for the holidays? Mind your privacy & security!

Internet of things (IoT) devices can be great gifts, but those smart home speakers, thermostats, and cool wearables like watches and fitness trackers come with some security and privacy risks. To protect yourself and your personal data, follow these tips: Privacy Mute your smart speaker when not using it. Disable features you don’t use. Choose privacy settings for… Read More »