Back up U-M data

If you are responsible for managing U-M IT systems, you should also work to ensure that the data on these systems is appropriately backed up. Backups allow departments and individuals to recover quickly with less loss of productivity or data in the event that devices fail, are lost or stolen, or are infected by malware or ransomware.

Back Up U-M Data summarizes the guidance and requirements for systems that are mission-critical and those that store university data classified as Restricted, High, or Moderate. Backups are a requirement of the IT Standard Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Backup for Information Systems and Services (DS-12).

ITS Information Assurance (IA) highly recommends that all U-M workstations, and all personal devices and data, be backed up regardless of the type or classification level of data they store. 

ITS offers a number of backup options, and your department may offer additional online storage space.