MRequest (FootPrints) retirement project update

16 connected honeycomb shapes with icons inside that include a lightbulb, gears, a cloud, and the retirement date of Dec. 2021.
(Rachael Wojciechowski/ITS via Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)

MRequest (FootPrints), a web-based service for the tracking and management of customer support, is on track to retire in three months. As of Sept. 3, 85 percent of all workstations have been retired or deactivated, and the majority of the remaining units will complete migrations in November. 

There are a few key dates remaining in the retirement schedule:

  • Sept. 17 – This was the last day to sign up as a TeamDynamix “Roomie.” MRequest admins with active workspaces that want to join TeamDynamix as part of the Campus Tickets app (referred to as “Roomies”) should reach out to the project team as soon as possible.
  • Nov. 15 – The majority of unit migrations out of MRequest will be complete.
  • Dec. 17 – All remaining MRequest workspaces will be marked as ‘read-only.’
  • June 2022 – MRequest hardware will be decommissioned and the service will be shut down, and control of the archived information will be transferred from ITS to units.

Units within Michigan Medicine are encouraged to reach out to the project team as soon as possible if TeamDynamix is the chosen replacement tool. Units within the College of Engineering should continue to work with the ITS TeamDynamix team to migrate their information, and inform the project team when workspaces can be retired because they have fully migrated to TDx or because they are simply no longer needed.

Many thanks to all MRequest (FootPrints) users who have already retired or deactivated their workspaces. Units have been working hard to migrate their data to ITS-provided tools, including: TeamDynamix, Google at U-M, and Qualtrics. Other units are utilizing RequestTracker and ServiceNow.

Additional details are available on the MRequest (FootPrints) retirement project site, including the timeline, FAQ, and other key information. Contact the MRequest (FootPrints) Retirement team with questions,