Security tips for using public WiFi

It’s best to avoid public WiFi, but if you don’t have access to a secure U-M WiFi option or your secure home wireless network, you can use public WiFi more securely by following some basic guidelines.

Use a VPN

Secure Your Internet Connection includes best practices for securing your connection and helps you find the appropriate VPN for your campus.

  • MiWorkspace Windows Users: Direct Access protects many connections to U-M resources for remote work, however the U-M VPN is required to connect to some resources. You should still use a VPN to secure personal connections.
  • MiWorkspace Mac Users: Your Mac is configured to use the U-M VPN.
  • Devices not managed by MiWorkspace: Getting Started with VPN provides more information on configuring VPN.

Be aware of what you share

Don’t overshare personal information when using public WiFi:

  • Pay attention to the information required to set up free wireless access. 
  • Avoid conducting important personal business like banking or shopping on public networks.
  • Don’t save a public network for automatic connection later.

See Security Tips for Using Public WiFi on Safe Computing for more tips and helpful resources.