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Tech Tip: Diffchecker

This month, I’m sharing a website that offers a simple and easy-to-use tool for comparing the differences between two pieces of text: Diffchecker. It can be used to compare two versions of a document, check for plagiarism or spelling mistakes, and much more. Diffchecker works by highlighting the differences between two pieces of text and allowing users to… Read More »

Social media scams: Fake friends

“I’ve been hacked! Don’t accept friend requests from me!” Most of us on social media see that warning periodically, and while not entirely accurate, it’s a sign of how prevalent fake friend requests are. These scams are rarely a sign of actual “hacking” – gaining unauthorized access to the account itself – but they do involve a little… Read More »

Tech Tip: Reclaim control of your digital life

This month’s tip is a comprehensive guide to help individuals reclaim control of their digital lives in an age where technology and social media have become pervasive in our daily lives. Written by the Center for Humane Technology, Take Control educates users on the negative effects of persuasive technology and social media, and empowers people to take action… Read More »

Tech Tip: Easily extract images from PowerPoint

For this month’s Tech Tip, I’m sharing a tip that I’ve found very useful over the years. It’s a simple technique to extract all images (and other content, such as the fonts used in the presentation) from within PowerPoint files just by changing its extension. You can do this with files you’ve saved directly from the Microsoft PowerPoint… Read More »

Using social media to reach diverse audiences

One of ITS Information Assurance’s core responsibilities is to provide guidance to the entire university community on IT security and privacy compliance best practices and help individuals protect university systems and data, as well as their own personal information. IA is always on the lookout for innovative and compelling ways to engage our students, faculty, and staff, such… Read More »