Tech Tip: Readwise Reader

An example setup of Read Wise showing a list of articles with a small image next to it.

This month’s Tech Tip is a “read later” service that I’ve really begun to enjoy lately: Readwise Reader. There are many of these types of apps available, but this one includes a number of unique features and an excellent interface. It aims to streamline your reading by bringing all of your articles, books, and highlights from various sources into a single location. Reader includes a fantastic text-to-speech feature that can read your saved articles back to you using a computer-generated voice that is surprisingly natural-sounding. This feature is particularly useful for anyone who wants to revisit their favorite passages or catch up on reading while on-the-go. Other unique features include a ChatGPT-powered tool to summarize articles or generate thought-provoking questions, and a daily/weekly email resurfacing quotes and highlights from everything you’ve read.

The service includes a 30-day free trial, then you may sign up for a 50% educational discount and lock-in the current beta pricing.

What “read later” service are you using? What are its best features? Please share in the comments below!

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Author: Chase Masters, University Library

Chase's role at the Taubman Health Sciences Library includes managing technology projects and resources, consulting with faculty to effectively incorporate technology into their curriculum, supervising staff, serving in the HS-STEM Administration Unit, and identifying and building partnerships with instructional technology units throughout the university community. You may reach him at