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MiXR Studios Podcast: Anti-Black racism and the promise of virtual reality

By | July 13, 2020

This week’s MiXR Studios podcast continues a conversation with Dr. Courtney Cogburn from Columbia University and discusses her groundbreaking work in virtual reality with 1000 Cut Journey and how it is as important as ever in the midst of the current Black Lives Matters movement. In the “1000 Cut Journey” virtual reality experience, the user becomes Mike Sterling,… Read More »

Distinctly Detroit podcast

By | July 2, 2020

The Detroit Center is proud to present “Distinctly Detroit,” a Podcast on what makes one want to be in the D. Join host Katie Lehman as she interviews students, scholars, innovators, and leaders from across the city to learn how they came to live, work, and love in Detroit. Click here to listen to the latest episodes.

MiXR Studios podcast: Immersion through the novel and virtual realities

By | June 30, 2020

This week’s MiXR Studios podcast explores how extended reality (XR) can be used in humanities to advance the University of Michigan’s liberal arts mission.  Sara Blair, the Patricia S. Yeager Professor of English, discusses how she designed a course to frame the novel with a goal of immersion using virtual reality (VR) as the object of comparison. She… Read More »

MiXR Studios Podcast: XR’s Impact on Society and Culture

By | June 29, 2020

This week’s MiXR Studios podcast focused on diversity, race, ethnicity, and gender related to embodiment virtual reality (VR) in conversation with Lisa Nakamura and Chris Quintana.  Nakamura and Quintana discussed their XR experiences in the humanities and the possibilities of creating an XR classroom to study affordances in society and culture. Nakamura explained how she constructed a course… Read More »

MiXR Studios Podcast: Creating an XR Nuclear Reactor

By | June 19, 2020

This MiXR Studios podcast explores nuclear engineering and the recreation of the decommissioned Ford Nuclear Reactor in virtual reality with Brendan Kochunas, assistant professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at U-M.  In 2003, the Ford Nuclear Reactor was decommissioned. This forced U-M students to find and visit other reactors for hands-on learning. To enhance the learning goals… Read More »

MiXR Studios: Podcasts About XR at U-M

By | May 26, 2020

The Center for Academic Innovation (CAI) is excited to launch a new podcast, MiXR Studios, about the world of Extended Reality (XR) within the University of Michigan and beyond. Hosted by Jeremy Nelson, director of the XR Initiative at U-M, this podcast explores the work of faculty, students, and staff at U-M that are building, teaching, and researching XR… Read More »