MiXR Studios Podcast: Creating an XR Nuclear Reactor

By | June 19, 2020
(Illustration of a nuclear reactor, glowing blue.)
(Courtesy of the Center for Academic Innovation.)

This MiXR Studios podcast explores nuclear engineering and the recreation of the decommissioned Ford Nuclear Reactor in virtual reality with Brendan Kochunas, assistant professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at U-M. 

In 2003, the Ford Nuclear Reactor was decommissioned. This forced U-M students to find and visit other reactors for hands-on learning. To enhance the learning goals for those students, Brendan Kochunas has been exploring VR as a way of recreating what it is like to operate a reactor. 

The XR Initiative has funded the creation of an XR Nuclear Reaction with Brandon and his team, and have begun creating 3D models with him and his undergraduate and graduate students. They plan to build a fully functional VR reactor so students will have the opportunity to experience running experiments and simulations.