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Using GenAI to design floor plans and buildings

There is a lot to consider when designing places where humans live and work. How will the space be used? Who’s using the space? What are budget considerations? It is painstaking and time consuming to develop all of those details into something usable.  What if Generative AI (GenAI) could help? We already know that it can be used… Read More »

TTC publishes ChatGPT Assignments book guide

The University of Michigan’s Teaching and Technology Collaborative has published a book guide (U-M login required) to help instructors incorporate ChatGPT assignments into their classrooms. The book guide, hosted on Academic Technology@Michigan, is based on the book 60+ ChatGPT Assignments to Use in Your Classroom Today (Yee et al., 2023). The guide provides an abbreviated introduction to using… Read More »

Free GenAI prompt literacy course, resources

Nick Gaspar was a member of the Generative AI Advisory (GAIA) Committee that wrote the GenAI report for the university. “During that time I saw a widening gap of knowledge across the university when it came to writing prompts for AI, so I built a free prompt literacy course for the campus community.” AI prompts are text or… Read More »