New Generative AI Workshop Series Launches

Generative AI Workshop Series graphic featuring a digital image of a robot and gears.

Information and Technology Services (ITS) and the Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TTC) have collaborated to launch a new series of free Generative AI (GenAI) Workshops as part of its growing catalog of generative artificial intelligence resources. The workshops are designed to explore applications and implications of GenAI in the classroom and provide hands-on experience with new University of Michigan AI Services.

Beginner Workshops
Generative AI Basics
Generative AI in the Classroom (Pt 1)
Generative AI with U-M GPT
Leveraging Generative AI to Create Imagery (Pt 1)

Beginner/Intermediate Workshops
Generative AI in the Classroom (Pt 1)
Getting Started with U-M Maizey

Intermediate/Advanced Workshops (Beginning April 1-4, 2024)
Mastering the Art of Prompting with U-M GPT
Boosting Teaching Productivity with Generative AI
Ignite Digital Creativity – Generative AI Imagery (Pt 2)
Tailoring U-M Maizey: Your Personalized Digital TA

ITS and TTC have catered to a wide range of users, from beginners interested in an introduction to Generative AI to advanced users looking to sharpen their skills. The workshops provide introductions to exciting new U-M GenAI tools like U-M GPT and U-M Maizey, and equip faculty with the skills necessary to begin integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence into the classroom setting.

As GenAI technology and University of Michigan AI resources continue to advance and evolve, ITS is committed to providing training and resources necessary for U-M faculty and staff to stay on the cutting edge. The workshops are ninety minutes long and remote, and will be offered on a weekly basis. Register today!