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Setting the course for dental students: Major technology deployment

As with most schools, the U-M School of Dentistry converted to online learning on March 16, 2020.  While this was an abrupt and unplanned change, the Dental Informatics team at the school helped convert more than 70 classes to an all-online format for dental and dental hygiene students, adopting new software programs and transforming the learning process. Perhaps… Read More »

Technology allows researchers to see patients’ real-time pain while in the clinic

By | July 4, 2019

Many patients, especially those who are anesthetized or emotionally challenged, cannot communicate precisely about their pain. So U-M researchers have developed a technology to help clinicians “see” and map patient pain in real-time, through special augmented reality glasses. The portable platform combines visualization with brain data using neuroimaging to navigate through a patient’s brain while they’re in the… Read More »