Securely self-manage UM-owned devices

self-managed landing page on laptop screen, left hand on keyboard in foreground
(Matt Ranville, Information Assurance)

U-M faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to use computers and devices that are managed by a central U-M IT service provider, but in some circumstances, faculty and staff may need to self-manage a UM-owned device:

  • Computers and other devices purchased with research grant funds to meet very specific research needs.
  • Developers needing specific operating systems or software not provided by a managed desktop services.
  • A need to run older operating systems or software that will require special mitigation of security needs.

Those who self-manage UM-owned devices have the responsibility to work with their unit IT staff, and other IT staff and service providers as needed, in order to:

  • Limit unauthorized access to the device.
  • Limit unauthorized access to any U-M data on that device.
  • Make sure the device stays in compliance with all U-M IT security policies and standards.

The Safe Computing website now has guidance to help you understand your responsibilities when managing a U-M device and have informed conversations when you need to enlist the aid of U-M IT staff in meeting those obligations. See Self-Managing a U-M Computer or Device.