“Baking in” digital accessibility at the U-M Library

By | March 5, 2019

Web accessibility is a key ingredient to successful product development that can make or break many peoples’ experience. The U-M Library Digital Accessibility Team (DAT) helps library teams “bake in” web accessibility from the beginning of their projects and helps coordinate accessibility work across the Library.

The Library’s Digital Accessibility Team collaborates primarily with U-M Library partners to remove barriers that prevent people of diverse abilities from experiencing an equitable and inclusive library. The team’s mission includes:

  • Providing a broad range of expertise on digital accessibility standards (WCAG, 508, ATAG, ARIA, EPUB) and accessible design best practices.
  • Providing consistent, understandable, and actionable web accessibility evaluations for library staff as needed.
  • Consulting with Library & LIT staff to incorporate accessibility into all development practices.

Read about DAT’s services and how collaboration with teams and staff across the library has led to improved products and services for staff, faculty and students.