Michigan IT Governance & Communities of Practice activities for November 2022

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Get involved, share your knowledge, and mark your calendars for these professional development opportunities!

IT governance ensures the effective and efficient use of IT resources and capabilities across U-M in order to meet the goals of the university. Michigan IT Community of Practice are groups where like-minded IT professionals can share information, experiences, and ideas around a particular topic in support of the university’s missions. Advice and guidance are provided by strategic governance committees and multiple advisory groups.

Below is a summary of October Governance and Community of Practice activities, as well as upcoming meeting information.

You are invited to learn more or to add an upcoming meeting to your calendar, visit the IT Governance web page or the IT Community of Practice web page.

IT Governance meetings

The full calendar is on the IT Governance web page.

October Governance meetings recap

  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Core) – October 4
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Full) – October 11
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Core) – October 18 
  • Student Records, Curriculum, & Academic Advising (SRCAA) – October 19 
  • Data Governance Advisory Committee (DGAC) – October 21 
  • ITS Data Center Governance – October 25
    • Access Layer Capital Request 
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Full) – October 25 

Upcoming Governance November meetings:

  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Core) – November 1 
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Full) – November 8 
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Core) – November 14 
  • Student Records, Curriculum, & Academic Advising (SRCAA) – November 16 
  • Data Governance Advisory Committee (DGAC) – November 18 
  • In-Building UMNet – November 18
  • Unit Reps – November 21
  • Admitting Systems Production (ASP) – November 22 
  • Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC-Full) – November 22 
  • SASAC Meeting – November 25

IT Communities of Practice activities

The full calendar is on the Communities of Practice web page.

October Community of Practice meetings recap:

  • Project Management Community of Practice – October 5
    • Software Quality 101 – We all want to use and produce quality software. But what is software quality? It means different things to different people – and is thus hard to define – but we surely recognize the absence of quality when a product fails to function. This presentation provided a common understanding of Software Quality concepts and terminology. Participants gained an understanding of how requirements, user involvement, quality attributes, and testing all contribute to software quality, even if you only use or support vendor software products. (PDU 1 Technical)
  • Unit Data Security Analysts – October 7
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Community of Practice – October 18
    • The October 2022 meeting of the Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Community of Practice welcomed Jarrod Sandel, Manager, Service Analysis & Improvement at Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) who spoke to the group about the concept of major incidents and the Michigan Medicine IT-specific process.
  • Technology Leadership Community of Practice – October 20
    • AU-M Technology Executive leadership panel discussed their leadership journeys and answered questions from the audience regarding leadership topics.
    • Panel:
      • Carrie Shumaker – CIO UM-Dearborn
      • Cathy Curley – CIO College of LSA
      • Kerry Flynn – CIO Ross School of Business
      • Cassandra Callaghan – CIO School of Dentistry
      • Tim Calahan – Chief Technology Officer – Michigan Medicine HITS
      • Dan Maletta – Executive Director of Information Technology College of Engineering
  • Data Integration Community of Practice – October 24
  • Storage Community of Practice – October 26
    • Community updates
    • Brain project planning and workflow – How brain imaging leverages ITS storage
      • Logan Walker, Biophysics PhD student
      • Dawen Cai, associate professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Medical School associate, professor of Biophysics
      • Brainbow Analysis
    • Open discussion/community effort on how to improve usability of Data Den
      • Bring your creative, constructive ideas
    • Storage Community of Practice meeting notes
  • Community of Practice CRM/Salesforce – October 21
    • Salesforce winter 2023 release notes
    • Reflections on Salesforce certifications
    • Combination of form assembly with SSO and Tableau (demo)
    • Michigan Medicine: OGPS trainee tracking system demo (education management)

Upcoming Communities of Practice November meetings:

  • Collaboration & Productivity – November 2
    • The Collaboration and Productivity Community of Practice seeks to add value and increase knowledge about the University of Michigan’s collaboration and productivity landscape through engagement, leadership, and community.
      • Collaboration and productivity services are widely used and critically important across the university community. This Community of Practice will discuss, educate and inform about such services; collect and offer examples of their use, and work to elevate collaboration and productivity at the University of Michigan.
      • This group meets the afternoon of the first Wednesdays of November, February, June, and August, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. ET.
      • Learn more by visiting our website.
      • Become a part of it by joining our MCommunity group.
      • Chat with us in our Michigan IT Slack workspace channel!
    • Agenda / Topic(s)
      • Inaugural Meeting of the Collaboration and Productivity Community of Practice
      • Deep dive: Google Calendar / Appointment Scheduling