Virtual Sites has been improved

The "Fishbowl" campus computing site.
(Joel Iverson, ITS)

On-the-go access to the Virtual Sites software catalog has been improved with faster loading times, more storage, better graphics capability, and more virtual machines.

Virtual Sites, powered by Information and Technology Services (ITS), offers remote access to a broad range of software that is also available at Campus Computing Sites like the “Fishbowl.” Virtual Sites has been enhanced with faster loading times, more storage, better graphics capability, and more virtual machines. 

PC and Mac users can access a Windows desktop environment from any device via Virtual Sites. The set of campus-provided software presented in the AppsAnywhere web portal has been expanded, and the list is almost identical to being on campus when accessing from Virtual Sites (see the software list for a full list of titles and Getting Started with Virtual Sites).

Users can also install the desktop client program for more control over many aspects of the user experience, such as full screen view, printing to local printers, Follow Me or MPrint printers, or storing files locally. Additional details can be found in the User Guide.

For users with less reliable connections, the need to work offline, or a preference to use their own device’s processing power, apps, and storage integration, AppsAnywhere via personal PC offers hassle-free access to a smaller library of ready-to-run apps available for personal Windows devices.

Campus Computing Sites are open
Locations & Labs hours vary: Be sure to check out this interactive map to see what’s open for printing, quick tasks, or more involved projects. PCs, Macs, and CAEN computers are available.