InfoReady provides solutions to complex problems

By | June 12, 2020
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(Nhia Moua on Unsplash)

The U-M Medical School needed an online tool for limited submissions and bridge fund applications. They were struggling with using email and storing a large number of documents on various servers. It also wasn’t very open or transparent.

InfoReady solved all of those problems.

InfoReady Corporation is an Ann Arbor-based software company focusing on solutions for the higher education community, all of which are designed to help institutions scale their vital programs. The company has been a proud to partner with the University of Michigan. Since 2013, its cornerstone platform, InfoReady Review™—the world’s most user-friendly solution for automating research administration workflow—has helped drive outcomes in research administration across the university with increased efficiency and deeper insight, while reducing the burden of busy work by up to 95%.

With its ease of use, colleges and universities have found other ways to leverage Review on their campuses. Today, from research administration to student fellowships, scholarships, and funding competitions to nominations and awards, Review is helping streamline and drive efficiencies in workflows across at more than 150 higher education institutions globally.

Another InfoReady solution, InfoReady Scale™, powers Youth Hub for the U-M Center for Educational Outreach (CEO). CEO leverages this ‘Marketplace’ solution to centralize and effortlessly promote K-12 program offerings and positively impact the student pipeline. From conversations within the higher education community, the University of Michigan’s Youth Hub is setting the standard for new use of technology to improve transparency, inclusivity, and effortless promotion of K-12 programs.