iClicker Cloud now available for LSA faculty and students

iClicker Cloud logo

Back in March, we reported about the iClicker Reef (AKA iClicker Cloud) pilot in LSA. Students in the pilot classes could access Reef through an app on their own mobile device instead of a dedicated iClicker remote to answer an instructor’s prompted questions.

In addition to handling multiple choice questions, Reef allows students to write short responses and use a target picture to drop points on a chart — something the iClicker remotes cannot do. The app also confirms if the instructor has received the response and records the response feedback for later access.

That pilot was completed successfully this past fall. LSA now provides the service to all interested faculty and students across the college at no cost.

The contract with iClicker Cloud runs through the summer of 2022. Contact LSA’s Learning and Teaching Technology Consultants for more information or to request an individual consultation by emailing us at lsa-iss-ltc@umich.edu. You may also take a look at the Instructor Guide, Student Guide, and the Canvas Module of student getting-started materials which can be imported into a Canvas course site.

Author: Josh Simon, LSA Technology Services

Josh is a member of the Michigan IT Newsletter working group and the Michigan IT Tech Showcase & Social Event planning committee. He works for LSA Technology Services as a senior systems administrator and communicator. Contact him at jss@umich.edu.