LSA courses pilot new iClicker Reef system

By | March 7, 2019
hand holding phone, iClicker in BG
(Lauren Kuzee, Michigan Daily)

Since the beginning of the academic year, several LSA classes have been participating in a pilot program of iClicker Reef, a new student response system from Macmillan Learning, to ask a wider variety of questions than traditional iClicker remotes. This pilot program is being used to help the LSA Instructional Support Services weigh in on what advantages the system brings, as well as any problems that may arise.

Students in the pilot classes can access Reef through an app to answer an instructor’s prompted questions. In addition to handling multiple choice questions, Reef allows students to write short responses and use a target picture to drop points on a chart — something the iClicker remotes cannot do. The app also confirms if the instructor has received the response and records the response feedback for later access.