Oracle Java license change

Oracle now requires a paid subscription to Java Standard Edition (SE) to receive all updates and security patches. Java is used widely on campus by Information and Technology Services (ITS) and others to support university applications, infrastructure, and other technology.

The change to a paid subscription model may pose a significant financial impact to university units with Java-dependant applications, or may require applications to be modified to use a no-cost, open source version of Java. ITS staff are reviewing our services currently using Java, and are taking appropriate action.

ITS plans for modifying services using Java

The majority of ITS services will be modified during a standard release window to use a no-cost, open source Java version. All service changes will be posted to the ITS Service Status page. ITS will contact any impacted units about any services requiring additional information and action items, or that have exceptions.

ITS will confirm that vendors who have contracts with ITS will provide necessary licenses with their products. This includes software provided by Campus Computing Sites, UmichITAM, and MiWorkspace standard software, as well as software provided in the Software Center (Windows) and Managed Software Center (macOS).

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE), an element of Java SE now requiring a subscription, will be replaced with Amazon Corretto 8 when necessary for MiWorkspace, Payment Card Assurance Workstations, Windows Platform as a Service, Izzy for macOS Platform as a Service, Campus Computing Sites, and Virtual Sites. (JRE was previously standard for all of these services.)

Action items for units using Java

It is critical that units responsible for maintaining applications or other instances of Java use a supported version and update with security patches as they are released. To avoid annual subscription costs, ITS recommends modifying applications to use an open source version of Java or to use a different development resource. However, if an application requires Oracle Java SE for desktop or servers, license subscriptions are available for purchase in the ITS Software Store.

ITS is working with Oracle to understand the new licensing terms and conditions in order to make cost-effective recommendations for any applications that require an Oracle Java subscription and rely on ITS infrastructure, such as MiServer or MiDatabase.

For questions about purchasing licenses, potential impacts to ITS services, or advice in modifying applications, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Annaliese Gottschalk, ITS Communications contributed to this story.

Author: Lindsay Hendricks, ITS Communications

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