Use Duo when traveling

Don’t let travel plans interrupt the protections provided by Duo. Duo offers multiple options to help you complete two-factor authentication when traveling. You may be able to use your regular Duo two-factor option, or you may need to use an alternative, depending on your travel plans.

The recommended travel option is the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet because it can provide a passcode without a cellular or WiFi connection. As long as your device has power, you can use the app to get a passcode.

If you have a trip coming up:

using duo when traveling poster

Duo support materials and resources for unit IT staff

Unit IT support materials and tips, like the ones included above, can be found in the Duo@Weblogin Communication Resources toolkit. Emails were sent to UM-Ann Arbor IT staff informing them that the Ann Arbor campus will be turning on two-factor (Duo) for Weblogin for all faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates in mid-January. UM-Dearborn is also scheduled to turn on two-factor in January, while Michigan Medicine is turning on two-factor for all employees and sponsored affiliates with a Level-2 password on October 10.

More resources and support materials will be added to the toolkit in the coming days and weeks. Questions about the Turn on Two-Factor for Weblogin campaign, which begins October 1, should be directed to