Michigan Medicine CIO looks back in time for answers to today’s dilemmas

Andrew Rosenberg, MD

A majority of U.S. hospitals and health systems implemented electronic health records (EHR) over the last decade, thanks in large part to federal government incentive programs. But not everyone is happy about it. According to a 2016 Survey by Deloitte, seven out of 10 U.S. physicians believe EHRs reduce their  productivity.

In a talk titled, “Solving the EHR Productivity Dilemma: Lessons learned from the Hopkins Octagon in 1893,” Andrew Rosenberg, Michigan Medicine’s chief information officer, will revisit 19th century medical care to see if history can offer solutions to this problem. Rosenberg will review competing evidence for and against EHR efficiency to set the stage for how Michigan Medicine might optimize resourceful uses of Health IT. Telehealth, virtual care, new ways to use and exchange information will be highlighted.

The event will take place in the Ford Auditorium within the University Hospital (UH) at noon on Friday, September 1. An interactive video option is also available.