Google Team Drives release planned for October


Team Drive UI screenshot

Google Team Drives is a new feature in Google’s G Suite that offers a shared space where teams can create, store, search, and access their team files. Google Team Drives makes sharing and collaboration easy without the potential for loss of data or access when individuals leave. While data in My Drive is individually owned, data in Google Team Drives is owned by the team. Like My Drive, there are several options for file management, file sharing, and levels of access for team members.

In preparation for a planned October release, the ITS Collaboration Team has conducted a pilot of Google Team Drives with different units on campus to test features, file management, and how Team Drives is best utilized in the Michigan IT environment. To learn more, check out the G Suite Learning Center and be sure to register for the September 14 Google Team Drives IT4U to see a demo and get more information on how to get your team started.