Nancy Herlocher, LSA Technology Services

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LSA Technology Services Liaison Pilot flying high

This past September, LSA Technology Services launched a Liaison Pilot with roughly 50 units and 20 liaisons. The pilot was designed in collaboration with college leadership to implement changes related to how LSA Technology Services engages with units and leverages technology to positively impact their goals and needs. The pilot will continue through the academic year. What do… Read More »

Meet the Project Management CoP

An interview with Dima Tawakkol, director of the IT Program and Project Management Office for ITS and a facilitator of the Project Management Community of Practice. What were the initial goals of the Project Management Community of Practice? The purpose of this group is to connect people who have an interest in project and program management. We support… Read More »

Meet the Michigan IT Advocacy CoP

What were the initial goals of the Advocacy Community of Practice? The initial goals of this community included: Build relationships among those that are trying to solve similar IT issues. Leverage each other’s work so that research on a particular solution is done only once. Share information and success stories for how services are described and communicated. Create… Read More »