Dakshaini Ravinder, ITS Communications

Daki is a marketing communications specialist intermediate with ITS Communications. You can reach her at dakiravi@umich.edu.

SAP BusinessObjects upgrade coming on October 16

The SAP BusinessObjects reporting platform is a widely-used reporting tool that is available across all U-M campuses and Michigan Medicine. BusinessObjects connects to all of U-M’s Enterprise Data Sets such as Human Resources (HR), Student, Financial, Dart, eResearch, and others. The vendor-initiated upgrade that will take place from Saturday, October 15, 8 p.m. EDT, to Sunday, October 16,… Read More »

U-M retires BlueJeans videoconferencing service

One of the university’s original videoconferencing services, BlueJeans, was retired on May 1. Information and Technology Services (ITS) will continue to offer Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams for all faculty, staff, and students to use at no cost. The U-M community uses videoconferencing services to facilitate everything from remote meetings to virtual classrooms, research collaborations to yoga… Read More »

University makes changes to U-M Zoom

The university will roll out three key changes to U-M Zoom on May 18, 2021. The changes are being implemented to improve security while ensuring that U-M Zoom continues to meet the needs of the U-M community.  Users of U-M Zoom are being notified of these changes on a rolling basis. It is important that users take action… Read More »

BlueJeans down to 800 users as U-M prepares for May 1 service retirement

This past fall, Information and Technology Services announced that U-M will retire BlueJeans effective May 1, 2021 due to a significant drop in use that began with the launch of Zoom last March. From the initial 16,000 users in April, there has been a notable drop to 800 BlueJeans users across all campuses.  “We’re very pleased that campus… Read More »