TTC publishes ChatGPT Assignments book guide

60 plus ideas for Chat GPT Assignments to use in your classroom today.

The University of Michigan’s Teaching and Technology Collaborative has published a book guide (U-M login required) to help instructors incorporate ChatGPT assignments into their classrooms. The book guide, hosted on Academic Technology@Michigan, is based on the book 60+ ChatGPT Assignments to Use in Your Classroom Today (Yee et al., 2023).

The guide provides an abbreviated introduction to using generative AI (GenAI) activities in class to support student learning and AI fluency. The referenced GenAI assignments are designed to develop AI fluency by helping students understand how AI works, decide when to use AI, apply effective prompts, evaluate AI output, and learn how to add human value to AI use.

The guide is based on a book that illustrates practical approaches to implementing GenAI assignments, introduces the technology, and provides over 60 example assignments. The 20-page guide showcases an adapted selection of those assignments in seven categories to get instructors started quickly. These example assignments were tested and vetted using UM-GPT.