Free GenAI prompt literacy course, resources

Nick Gaspar was a member of the Generative AI Advisory (GAIA) Committee that wrote the GenAI report for the university. “During that time I saw a widening gap of knowledge across the university when it came to writing prompts for AI, so I built a free prompt literacy course for the campus community.”

AI prompts are text or information that shares the intention to AI and helps direct its response so it is specifically tailored to the request. A good prompt consists of clarity, context, and completeness, among other traits.

“From an IT perspective, AI can help staff think about ways they can accelerate their work with their prompts. In the last module we include a few examples, one of which shows how generative AI can do things like auto-format course content in Canvas.”

“This course is also available to the public. Other universities are leveraging it, too. I just got enrollments from Harvard.”

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Nick is a distance learning director and adjunct lecturer in the School of Nursing at UM-Flint.

Author: D. Stephanie Dascola, Medical School Office of Research

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