Check Safe Computing’s “In the Media” for IT security and privacy news

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You can find “In the Media” on the Safe Computing home page.

Want to stay up-to-date on data breaches and vulnerabilities around the world? Curious if there are recent news stories related to topics covered by the Dissonance event series? Wondering what’s happening in IT privacy? Check out the In the Media section of Safe Computing, a curated collection of stories from news publications, websites, and newsletters dedicated to IT security and privacy. 

Stories are collected for our news archive by the ITS Information Assurance staff, then linked and sorted to help all of us stay informed. Access In the Media from the tile on the front page of Safe Computing. The two most recent entries appear there along with the More News… link, which takes you to the archive page.

Stories in the archive are sorted in chronological order. Want to browse a narrower range of stories? Use the sort feature to select from any of seven topics. Hit Reset to return to viewing the whole list.

Image of the In the Media category menu. You can select from 1 to 7 categories to view using the menu, or hit reset to view all.
Select 1 or more topics to view, or use “reset” to view all topics.