Undergrads sign video game development deal

By | November 19, 2020
Yolked video game grahic
(The Michigan Engineer)

A team of undergraduate students is on the path to releasing a commercial video game with Yolked – a game that began life as their final project in EECS 494, Introduction to Video Game Development.

This is the first time that a team from the class has signed a funded publishing deal to deliver a polished up version of their final project as a published commercial product. The deal is with indie label Hitcents, which is funding the team to publish Yolked via the world’s largest PC game platform, Steam.

In Yolked, players help an egg with human-esque arms to escape the kitchen in a household of hazards. The egg can grab, pull, climb, and throw – but it will also break if it falls. The original development team for Yolked included Baha Okten (computer science), Hazel Wong (computer science and chemistry), Floney Yang (computer science and economics), and Daniel Zakon (computer science).