Google case study features U-M student learning tool

By | October 29, 2020
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Google recently featured a case study of U-M’s My Learning Analytics (MyLA) tool as part of its G Suite for Education Higher Ed support materials.

Working with Google and Unizin, ITS developed My Learning Analytics (MyLA), a data analytics tool that visualizes course data and activities so students can monitor their own learning behaviors. MyLA uses the Unizin Common Data Model to standardize course data to provide a scalable, open source tool for students to visualize their own learning.

“The UDP and public cloud present interesting opportunities for us. They offer foundational infrastructure, technical innovation, and data security at consortial scale,” Sean DeMonner, executive director of ITS Teaching and Learning.

With MyLA, for example, students can see how their online course activities—like completing a certain assignment or watching a lecture capture video—compare to the aggregated behavior of the other students in the class. The assignment-planning page lets them work through “what if” scenarios to see what assignments have the biggest impact on their grade, and help them decide how best to spend their limited time.

By visualizing resource utilization, grade distribution, and assignment planning, MyLA helps students develop what is called self-regulated learning: they become conscious of their behaviors and the outcomes that follow. Students can then use that knowledge, and make data-informed decisions, to achieve better results in a virtuous cycle.