Support extended for program to engage underrepresented students in CS research

By | October 20, 2020
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Panel of research experts from the program’s 2019 event. (Michigan Engineer)

A team led by computer science professor Rada Mihalcea has been awarded a Google grant to continue a program designed to expose undergraduate students to computer science research, specifically aiming to encourage women and underrepresented minority students. The project earned $10,000 from Google’s exploreCSR: Google Grant Pilot Program for Undergraduate Computer Science Research Focused Workshops for Women.

The team will lead an in-depth workshop and research project spanning two semesters. Around 30 students will work with faculty or grad student mentors on a subject of their choice, coming away with 35 hours of hands-on experience. The mentors will work in small groups with the participants, providing them with guidance and computational resources. The work will be supplemented by short workshops and seminars throughout the year, as well as a year-end poster session and career panel of research experts.