CSE researchers report over $10M in research grants last quarter

By | October 20, 2020
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Researchers in Computer Science And Engineering earned over $10M in research grants in the first quarter of the 2021 U-M fiscal year (July–October, 2020). The awards were distributed to 18 different primary investigators from sponsors including the NSF, the State Department, and the Department of Defense. The projects are listed below, most of which began work between July and October 2020.

  • Automating the Verification of Distributed System
  • Censored Planet: A Global Observatory for Internet Censorship
  • Complexity of Lattice Problems for Cryptography
  • Creating Adoptable Computing Education Integrated into Social Studies Classes
  • Data Processing Against Synchronization Errors
  • Developing Methods for Automated Assessment
  • Foundations of Quantum Algorithms
  • Identifying Educational Conceptions and Challenges in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
  • Ironpatch: Automatic Generation of Assured Micropatches
  • Knowledge Network Infrastructure with Application to COVID-19 Science and Economics
  • Leveraging Everyday Usage of Programs to Eliminate Bugs
  • Speech-Centered Robust and Generalizable Measurements of “In the Wild” Behavior for Mental Health Symptom Severity Tracking
  • Taming the Instruction Bottleneck in Modern Datacenter ApplicationsUnderstanding Hand Interaction In The Jumble of Internet Videos
  • Wizkit: Wide-scale Zero-Knowledge Interpreter Toolkit