MiXR Studios Podcast: Episodes 16-19

By | October 1, 2020

The MiXR Studios Podcast exists to educate the University of Michigan community about what is happening in XR (Extended Reality) on campus. It will share best practices and exciting learnings while helping to shape the future of teaching and learning in higher education and beyond. Visit the podcast archive at: https://ai.umich.edu/category/mixr/

Episode 16: Using XR in Community College to Build Skills for Workforce Development: MiXR Studios Podcast with guest Dr. Michael Torrence

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In this week’s MiXR Studios podcast, we talk with Dr. Michael Torrence, the president of Motlow State Community College. He has spent his career embracing the use of technological literacy as a platform to increase student access, engagement and success. Dr. Torrence has served as the co-chairperson for TNeCampus, a Tennessee Board of Regents statewide team leader for the integration of emerging technology and mobilization in the areas of gaming, VR, AR, and MR into teaching and learning.

Episode 17: Creating Immersive Audio Experiences in VR: MiXR Studios Podcast with Guest Anıl Çamcı

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In this week’s MiXR Studios podcast, we talk with Anıl Çamcı, assistant professor of performing arts technology in the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Anıl teaches courses in immersive media to explore audio in virtual spaces. His work focuses on the intersection of virtual reality, human-computer interaction, and spatial audio. Anıl has been working closely with the XR Initiative to help share his expertise with other faculty on how to teach with XR.

Episode 18: Exploring the Normative Context of XR in Engineering: MiXR Studios Podcast with Guest Joanna Millunchick

In this week’s MiXR Studios podcast, we talk with Joanna Millunchick, the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and the associate dean for undergraduate education at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Joanna teaches courses in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and explores crystal structures in virtual reality. She is also the associate dean of undergraduate education and is interested in understanding how we can advance undergraduate curriculum to include XR technologies to support teaching and learning.

Episode 19: Saving Children’s Lives in the ER with Augmented Reality: MiXR Studios Podcast with Guest Dr. Prashant Mahajan

In this week’s MiXR Studios podcast, we talk with Dr. Prashant Mahajan, the professor and vice-chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine; Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine; and Division Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan’s Medical School. Dr. Mahajan has been an early adopter of XR technologies within Michigan Medicine to explore how augmented reality could be used to assist emergency medicine practitioners in treating pediatric patients in the emergency department. In this episode, we discuss his work with the HoloLens and some of his exciting work aiding the healthcare team to save lives.