Computer scientists employ AI to help address COVID-19 challenges

By | April 16, 2020
illustration of coronavirus
(The Michigan Engineer News Center)

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world around us and is affecting our health, our economy, our social interactions, and so much more. Faculty and students affiliated with the AI Lab in Computer Science and Engineering have partnered with clinicians and experts from other disciplines to bring their expertise to assist with the outbreak and to help find solutions to pressing problems. Some of the projects that are now in progress from five multidisciplinary research teams include:

  • Michigan COVID-19 Utilization and Risk Evaluation System (M-CURES)
  • Digital Assistance to Help People Cope with the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Natural Language Processing to Understand Changes in Mental Health
  • Network Analysis for Drug Repurposing
  • Understanding the Effect of Human Behaviors on Social Distancing
  • Measuring the Social Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic