U-M Library’s digital collections now included in Library Search

By | January 21, 2020
old 1800s photo of musician holding a recorder
Image from The Harry Watkins Diary: Digital Edition. (U-M Library)

The U-M Library has more than 300 separate digital collections that contain over one million items. A significant portion are available without restriction to anyone to discover and engage with. While there has long been a way that users can search across these text and image collections, or within a particular collection, until recently this was not available through the main U-M Library discovery platform.

Now, the large majority of these items are findable through U-M Library Search. Any institutional subscriber can add this product to their collection by activating “University of Michigan Library Digital Collections” through the Summon or Central Discovery Index administrative panel. For institutions that have not activated this, the items can still be found by expanding the search scope beyond their library’s holdings. 

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