SUMIT_2019 recap: AI & cameras, art, and Apple watches

  • Sol Bermann, University of Michigan chief information security officer
    U-M Chief Information Security Officer Sol Bermann welcomed attendees and more than 200 streaming viewers to the 15th annual Security at U-M in IT (SUMIT). SUMIT_2019 explored diverse topics in privacy and security research and operations. (Joel Iverson, ITS Communications)

SUMIT_2019 brought together more than 430 people from the university and across southeast Michigan on October 29 to explore diverse topics in privacy and IT security.

The presenters shared their work and insights on the socio-technical aspects of AI and cameras, art that explores privacy and security challenged as a result of living in our modern networked world, behavioral changes after a data breach, the how-to’s of jailbreaking an Apple Watch, and how to leverage the defender in all of us in recognition that IT security is a shared responsibility.

SUMIT_2019 is over, but you can relive the highlights through these SUMIT_2019 Twitter moments. Event recordings are available on the SUMIT_2019 event site.