User feedback key to Problem Roulette study app expansion

By | September 25, 2019

Problem Roulette, a digital study tool developed at the Center for Academic Innovation, offers students access to practice questions from previous exams in a points-free environment. Since its launch in 2016, more than 11,600 students have completed more than 2 million problem attempts using the tool. Problem Roulette is now available in 12 active courses across seven subject areas.

Ollie Saunders, a software developer at the Center for Academic Innovation, is the technical lead for the tool and has helped guide its increased adoption and technical expansion. “I think a key part of the success of Problem Roulette is that we’re very open to…feedback, especially compared to commercial quizzing platforms that are profit-driven and don’t cater to the individual needs of students and instructors at U-M,” Saunders said.

Based on input from U-M users, several new features have been added to Problem Roulette.  Saunders said that allowed the Problem Roulette team to improve the experience for both faculty and students — with more to come.