Plan your testing for Active Directory upgrade

The Active Directory (UMROOT) domain controllers* will be upgraded from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2016 in May. This will allow the university to continue to benefit from mainstream support from Microsoft.

The Active Directory test forest will be upgraded by the end of January or thereabouts, so you can test things you are responsible for that use Active Directory to be sure they’re ready to work with Windows Server 2016 domain controllers. This includes computers running Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, as well as other devices that use Active Directory, such as multi-function printers.

Let the upgrade team know what things will need to be tested by filling out this survey: Testing for 2019 AD Upgrade to Windows Server 2016 (a Google Form).

In the meantime, would you please begin contacting any application and service vendors for the things you manage that use Active Directory to make sure their applications can communicate with Windows Server 2016 domain controllers?

Check Active Directory Upgrade to Windows Server 2016 for updates and testing details. We will keep that page updated and provide more detail as it becomes available.

We want this upgrade to go smoothly for you and for the users of your services. Please contact us at if you have concerns or if there are issues you want us to consider in our planning.

*A domain controller is a Windows server that responds to security authentication requests (logging in, checking permissions, and so on) and is used by Microsoft Active Directory when granting access to computing resources. It is part of our Active Directory (UMROOT) infrastructure.

General users will not notice any changes because of this infrastructure upgrade, but some IT staff will need to ensure the compatibility of the services they run or contract for with the upgraded servers.