Machine learning: The next wave of artificial intelligence is making critical decisions in health care

Andrew Rosenberg, MD

Michigan Medicine CIO Andrew Rosenberg was recently interviewed by Hour Detroit about machine learning, the branch of artificial intelligence capable of identifying who is likely to be a no-show for their next clinic appointment or who is at risk for fatal medical conditions.

“The best summary is that wherever a human makes an important decision, machine learning is being discussed, and is increasingly being used to improve those decisions,” said Rosenberg. “What we want is to enrich our ability to make predictions of what will happen using known data points and data points that we don’t know are associated yet, but the machine does.”

Read the full article in the January 2019 issue of Hour Detroit.

Author: Heather Kipp, HITS Communications

Heather is a brand/product analyst lead within the Michigan Medicine Office of the CIO. You can contact her at