ITS completes upgrades of MCommunity ecosystem

The ITS Identity and Access Management functional and operations team successfully upgraded the MCommunity ecosystem in October, 2018. This project involved upgrades of the Identity Manager and eDirectory systems. It was the final phase of an 18-month effort to transition the MCommunity ecosystem off of virtual hardware and onto a hybrid virtual/physical hardware architecture with an eye towards improvements in availability and performance.

These projects provided:

  • Greater efficient in processing large MCommunity data loads (e.g., beginning of term, end of term, graduation, etc. processes)
  • Reduced processing windows from days to hours during peak times
  • Reduced the complexity and increased the manageability of the environment
  • Reduced the number of system degradations (and routine status updates to campus)

Special thanks to the ITS teams and individual leaders that made this project a success! For questions about this project, feel free to contact Vasilios Pliakas (Systems and Middleware Operations Manager) or DePriest Dockins (Assistant Director of Identity and Access Management).