Jumpstart your knowledge in Amazon Web Services


Lots of folks in Michigan IT and on campus are hearing about our journey to the cloud. If you want to jump start your knowledge, Amazon Web Services Essential Training from Lynda.com is very useful for learning your way around AWS, the different services it offers, what it takes to use them, and what you might still need to learn. The training takes about five hours at normal playback speed (which you can adjust), but is well worth the time.

The best part? Lynda.com is FREE. All benefits-eligible faculty and staff have access through their U-M email and password (Level 1). (There are lots of other cloud training modules available as well, including modules for Google Cloud Platform and Azure.)

Topics include:

  • Benefits of cloud services
  • Making architectures scalable
  • Examining cloud constraints
  • Virtual servers, EC2, and Elastic IP
  • Using the Amazon machine image
  • Elastic load balancing
  • Using CloudWatch for monitoring
  • Security Models
  • Elastic block storage
  • S3, CloudFront, and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Handling queues, workflows, and notifications
  • Caching options and services
  • Identity and access management
  • Creating a custom server image
  • Application deployment strategies
  • Serverless architectures
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