Engaging Ideas & Appetizers: How LSA Instructors have Transformed Writing Assignments Using Media

images of instructors for seminar

March 23, 2018
1:00 – 3:00 pm
2001 Modern Languages Building

Join LSA Instructional Support Services for a panel discussion focused on transforming writing assignments using media. Our instructor panelists will discuss their experiences designing and implementing media projects such as Film Poems, Virtual Persuasive Essays, Science Podcasts for Public Discourse, and Audio Visual Essays. The panel will also include an ISS Media Consultant who will share ideas about media equipment and editing software options as well as best practices for successful media assignments. If you are considering incorporating a media assignment into your course, or support instructors who do, we hope this discussion provides a creative spark. Enjoy some appetizers, get some inspiration, and learn how LSA-ISS can help you get started!


Author: Teri Horton, LSA Instructional Support Services

Teri is a senior instructional consultant with LSA Instructional Support Services. You can reach her at tehorton@umich.edu.