Teaching & Learning CoPs

Supporting teaching and learning activitites is one of the most important functions of Michigan IT. Join a new community and deepen your professional experience by attending one of these teaching and learning Communities of Practice.

Classroom Technology

This group is intended to bring together individuals responsible for classroom technology (including lecture capture) to freely share information about upcoming technologies and how they are implemented in classrooms on campus.

Digital Education and Online Learning

The digital education ecosystem is expanding as the demands of students and faculty increase. With variations in staff skill levels, the group will discuss the best ways to support faculty while delivering the “active learning” experiences students expect.

Engaging the World from Your Classroom

The focus of the Engaging the World from Your Classroom Community of Practice, developed in conjunction the Global Teaching with Videoconferencing grant project, is about joining U-M classes together with classes in other countries over a videoconferencing link.

Gameful Teaching & Learning

Gameful teaching is a pedagogical approach that takes inspiration from how good games function and applies that to the design of learning environments. Gameful seeks to support students’ intrinsic motivation by building structures for student autonomy, opportunities to demonstrate competency and by facilitating interpersonal connections. This community of practice is designed to engage in meaningful and productive discussion about their use of gameful principles in teaching, including sharing successes and challenges, to help create a more motivational environment for all learners.