ITS offers enhancements to Amazon Web Services


Are you a current user of Amazon Web Services (AWS) offered by ITS?  Should you be?  Recently, ITS announced that several new features have been added to the AWS at U-M service. The previous service offered an enterprise agreement, consolidated billing, training, some consulting, as well as an AWS Data Egress waiver. The features that are being added are:

  • Shibboleth integration for account management
  • New reporting features, including listing AMI’s, public IPs, EC2 inventory, EC2 status checks, IA Security Policy Reporting, and VPN connection report
  • DNS recommendations
  • Network/VPC setup with optional VPN
  • Cloud Trail and VPC security log retained in Splunk

If you have already signed up for AWS at U-M with ITS, no worries, you can have these features added to your service as well.  To find out more about signing up for these new features, or if you are interested in trying AWS for your cloud computing needs, get started here!

AWS is available to faculty, researchers, and staff on all U-M campuses, including Michigan Medicine.

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