Celebrating Duo’s first year at U-M: Exceeding expectations

The university recently marked the first anniversary of its switch to Duo Security for two-factor authentication. As of July 20, 2017, more than 11,000 faculty and 36,000 staff on all the university campuses — including Michigan Medicine —  use Duo two-factor to help secure sensitive university data, including research and personal data. With increasing numbers of students and affiliates using Duo, the total number of individuals using Duo at U-M keeps climbing, for a current total of 53,609.

U-M also leads our higher ed peers in the use of Duo push notifications, the most cost efficient method, with U-M logging 75% of its authentications via the Duo app while the higher ed average is 40% (according to Duo). With more than 200,000+ authentications each week and 8,970 people now protecting their personal and university data by turning on two-factor for Weblogin, U-M data and systems are better protected.

“This shows extraordinary collaboration across the university,” says Sol Bermann, U-M’s interim chief information security officer.

Sol Bermann, interim chief information security officer for the university, says, “This shows extraordinary collaboration across the university —  especially by our Michigan IT colleagues. From encouraging the people you support to use two-factor to integrating two-factor into your own systems, you have made this increased level of IT security possible.”

IT staff at U-M have integrated Duo two-factor authentication into more than 2,000 campus services, from Flux and imaging services to Flint’s Weblogin page and hundreds of unique unit systems, with 18 new integrations added each week.

Here’s to the university’s continued focus on increasing IT security and our community’s willingness to embrace the changes necessary to do so! Over 50 thousand people — and the entire university — are reaping the benefits.