Look before you log in

By | August 14, 2017

Weblogin page with callout: Make sure the URL begins with hgttps://weblogin.umich.edu/. The https is important. It means your connection to the web page is secure. There must be a forward slash (/) after the edu (.edu/)

Many people at U-M receive phishing emails with links to fake Weblogin pages that look exactly like the real one. When people log in to the fake page, their password is stolen, and their U-M account is compromised. The only clue it’s a fraudulent login page is the URL.

Before entering your UMICH (Level 1) password, check that the page’s web address/URL begins with https://weblogin.umich.edu/.

What if you logged in to a fake Weblogin page?

If you think you have been caught by this scam, you can minimize potential damage to your personal information and U-M account if you: